Welcome to Globatron Corporation!

Globatron offers a wide spectrum of professional roofing, flooring and painting services in the commercial sector. Our experienced team of professionals can assist your company with new construction or remodels for your manufacturing, industrial or retail properties.

Our Globatron Client Portal is an asset management program pioneered by our company that makes it easier for building owners to stay on top of their preventative roof maintenance efforts. Learn more about it here.

Commercial Roof Leak Repair

All flat and low slope roofing needs a good preventative maintenance program in place to prevent leaks and damage. Globatron has a dedicated team of certified roof repair technicians that can be dispatched to your business to assess and repair roof leaks. We take great pride in our ongoing technician training and certification programs. Our Globatron Techs are well versed and experienced in handling leaks efficiently. Learn more about our Roof Leak Repair Service.