Welcome to Globatron Corporation

Globatron is a leader in quality Commercial Roofing, Flooring and Painting solutions. We are headquartered in Madison, WI, but we are currently expanding our footprint across the nation.Hi, my name is Brandon, I’m the Owner & CEO of Globatron Corporation. I want you to know that our company was built on the sound principles that continuously reflect the happiness of our employees and our valued customers. Making sure that our employees are safe, happy and well trained has become a way of life for us because we know that our employees will continue to deliver and surpass quality expectations in all aspects of our business.

With the amazing efforts of our management team, we’ve been able to successfully create an online asset management program for our clients called the Globatron Client Portal. We’re excited about rolling out this new program as it gives our customers an unparalleled experience and control over their asset management efforts. We assist your company with budgeting, preventative maintenance, roof and floor service requests, project progress, repair/inspection history timelines and before and after pictures – all in your very own, customized Globatron Client Portal. Staying up to date on your commercial roofing, flooring and painting projects has never been easier!

When you hire a commercial contractor, you’re “buying” into that company. The very first service provided by the contractor should serve as the beginning of a long lasting relationship. Unfortunately, some contractors have no intentions of continuing that relationship after being paid. That’s where Globatron is different. We look at the first day of service as a privilege and opportunity to cultivate an ongoing relationship with your business – one that will last a lifetime!