Commercial Roofing Services 

Here at Globatron, we take our roofing services very seriously. We make sure that all employees working on your project are trained with the latest installation techniques for the applied material. Weekly (and sometimes daily) safety training and installation refresher meetings are conducted to ensure the absolute best service possible for our valued customers.

Here is a list of commercial roofing services that we provide:

Preventative Maintenance – Our preventative maintenance program is second to none. We have an extensive checklist that our certified roof technicians use each time they maintain your roof. Every commercial flat roof (even steep slope) needs regular maintenance. Annual or quarterly preventative maintenance programs are necessary to extend the life of your roof. Foot traffic from HVAC technicians, satellite providers, plumbers and any staff that accesses the roof can potentially cause problems on the roof without even knowing it. Leaks can be prevented by locating weak areas before they become a problem.

Globatron can offers an excellent preventative maintenance program.

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Roof Repairs – Roof leaks are inevitable, especially if the roof is not properly installed or maintained. Our certified repair technicians can locate and remedy roof leaks effectively. Ignoring a roof leak will cause further headaches and increased costs. If you notice water spots on your ceiling, give us a call and we’ll come assess the leak. We can repair all types of commercial roof leaks.

Globatron can offers an excellent leak repair program.

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Storm Damage – Commercial roofs are just as vulnerable to storm damage as a steep slope residential roof. Large hail, strong wind, falling tress, hurricanes and tornadoes can cause major damage to your commercial roof. Globatron can work with your insurance company to remedy the storm damage so you can keep your assets protected.

Hail stones can pierce the roof membrane and can negatively affect the integrity of your roof. Hail or debris impacts can be hard to see to the untrained eye. If your area has suffered a catastrophic storm, please give us a call or fill out the form so we can assess the damage.

Globatron can offers an excellent storm damage response program.

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Roof Cleaning – Is your roof looking a little dull? Mold spores and other organic material can crop up on your roof over time. We can restore the look of your roof by professionally cleaning the roof surface. Some highly reflective surfaces might need a good cleaning to restore their reflective properties. Cleaning the roof can also reveal weak areas that might have been harder to find when covered with dirt or mold.

Globatron can offers an excellent roof cleaning program.

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Globatron Client Portal – Our innovative client portal (GCP) makes it easier than ever for our clients to stay on track with repair and installation orders. The GCP can be customized to your building and can show you the before and after pictures of repairs during our preventative maintenance program. You can also see a time line of roof repairs or maintenance items over the life span of your roof. You can even pay invoices or schedule new work orders right through the portal.

The Globatron Client Portal is one of the major reasons clients choose to work with us because of our unparalleled dedication to providing the best roofing experience possible.

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Asset Management – Globatron can provide asset management for your building by inspecting the property and putting together a budget for preventative maintenance and future roof repair/replacement costs. Creating a detailed budget for building roof maintenance is extremely important to your overall bottom line. We can tell you an estimated remaining life span of your existing roof, what type of roof material is existing, how often the roof should be maintained, what repairs might cost and even when you should replace the roof.

Globatron offers a very valuable insight to your buildings most important exterior component – the roof.

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Snow Removal – Commercial roofs are vulnerable to structural damage from excessive snow load. Flat or low-sloped roofs can collect snow in a hurry, which can overload the roof and lead to leaks or even total collapse. It’s important to remove the snow from your roof to maintain safety and structural integrity. However, removing snow from a flat roof is much different than removing it from the sidewalks and parking lots. Untrained snow removal companies can cause a LOT of damage to the roof with their equipment. Gouging into the roof membrane or piercing delicate seams and joints can cause leaks almost immediately. A commercial roofing contractor, like Globatron, should be hired separately to remove the snow from the roof.

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